Refurbishing fur

Refurbish your old fur by remodelling it

If you have inherited a fur or have one which is now dated and out of fashion and you want to update it, contact us about a remodelling.

By reusing the material and skins of the fur itself, we give old furs a new lease of life, turning them into new, fashionable garments.

Our artisan experience combined with creativity and professionalism leads us to research and study the latest fashion trends, so that we can advise on and design refurbishments for our customers’ furs.

How we remodel your fur

We analyse the fur to be used, and show our customers different models from the latest collection, in order to advise which one might suit them best, especially if any alterations or additional accessories are required.

Removal of the fur in every single skin

Restyling based on the chosen model

Removal of lining and creation of a new one

Treatment of the leather to soften it

Remodelling of furs in our workshop

Remodelling a fur involves modifying an old fur that is no longer used.

Restyling an old fur is a job that requires experience, as working a dated skin requires delicacy.

Deciding how to you want your fur to be remodelled is not always that easy, as remodelling a mink fur is different to remodelling a fox fur.

In our workshop we remodel all types of fur, from making minor modifications to complete changes to the model. For example, classic furs have vertical tailoring, but by remodelling we can give them a horizontal tailoring, which has become very fashionable in recent years.


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The furrier’s shop Amendola and Borgomastro in Giussano was established in 1983 as a small, high-end artisan workshop.

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