Cleaning and storage of furs

In addition to making your garments, we take care of them appropriately.

We carry out cleaning services to help preserve your furs and we also provide an annual storage service.

Fur cleaning

The annual cleaning of your fur is very important, as smog, dust and dirt settle on the fur, removing the luster and suppleness of the fur leather.

We take care of the fur cleaning after the winter season.
The cleaning process begins with cleaning the lining. The fur is then put into a drum with a special cleaning solution that has degreasing and softening agents. Next, the fur is air-dried, steamed at high pressure, and finally brushed and polished and treated with moth repellent.

Fur storage

A fur will last for a long time if it is kept properly over the years.

For the health of the fur it is essential that during the summer it is stored in a room with controlled temperature and humidity, in addition to ventilation and anti-moth control.

In fact, in summer, with the heat inside houses, the worst enemies of furs are moths, which nest in the fur, irreparably damaging it. Our storage service ensures that the furs, which are stored inside a vault, are kept in a controlled environment.

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